Kirstie Kraus is a feisty powerhouse that lays it all out there each time she takes the stage. For those that have the pleasure of listening to Kirstie sing, they’ll find that she has a voice of power, certain with passion and liveliness, capable of melding genres to make a sound of her own. From country to pop, and add a little funk, her sound is bound to attract new fans from all different places. Her debut single Delusional proved that by grabbing attention from diverse audiences, all very receptive and providing Kirstie with an outpouring of positive feedback.

The anticipated 'Yes You Can' album, is eleven tracks in length and enriched with some of Nashville's finest players. Her two singles "Delusional" and "Gotta Do" have been featured on the Top Ten Tuesday for Next Women of Country playlist, selected to air on Times Up Radio, climbed to #1 on She Wolf Radio and was picked up on country radio in the US and UK.

Kirstie Kraus Bluebird
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